Designing since 1991

Graphic Design

Diseño Gráfico

Our Passion

Since 1991 we design around the World. Design is not just a job for us, it is a big part of our lives and family tradition. We do Graphic Design and several other expressions of designs. Design of PC, Signs, Jewellery, furniture etc. 

Nuestra Pasión

Diseñamos desde 1991 por el Mundo. Diseño no es solo un trabajo para nosotros, es gran parte de nuestras vidas y tradición familiar. Hacemos diseño gráfico y otras expresiones de diseño. Diseños de PC, Carteles, Joyas, Muebles etc

Web Design

Diseño Web

Only The Best

We do only the best for our Clients!
Is not just to get the best price…It matters to get the best result of your investment and our work!
Our experience will bring the best results for you and your business 

Solo lo Mejor

Hacemos solo lo mejor para nuestros Clientes!
No es solo cuestión de dinero…es cuestión de de tener los mejores resultados por su inversión y nuestro trabajo!
Nuestra experiencia traerá los mejores resultados para usted y su negocio.

3D Design

Diseño 3D

More than 3D

In this world today, many areas are full or 3D. Some of those areas we still thinking are not for 3D. Advertising, Printing and Medicin are few. We can start a simple video or a complex model for 3D Printing

Mas que 3D

Este mundo esta llenos de areas con 3D. Algunas areas seguimos pensando que no son para 3D. Publicidades, Impresiones y medicina son algunas. Podesmos comenzar haciendo ona animacion o un modelo complejo para impresion 3D.

Bitmap to SVG

From Any Bitmap (jpg, bmp,) We will turn it to SVG the best file to send it to your Plotter cutter od any device for vector cutting or trace.

Our Service star on 50€ per file and cand be split into 4 colours or more.

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CAD Service

With your measures, we can make it into a model (3D) or a file to send it to your CNC Machine
Make a preview to check sizes or dimensions into the place will be set.

Our Basic Service start in 50€

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Photo Restoration

We restore your damaged photos including torn photo repair, faded photo repair, and water damaged photo repair.
Receive a digital download of your newly restored photo.

Service starts at 50€ per file

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The Perfect Location

Around the World since 1991

We provided quality services all over the world!
Your locations…is our Location.

At this time our Main Location is Europe!

Your Time Zone is our Time Zone too

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About US

Leonardo Rodolfo (Leo) Gonzalez Acuña

Founder / Owner

Graphic Designer; Passion for fine Art and Multimedia. Full time working into it, since 1985.
From Argentina. But since the year 2001, Living and working with my family in countries like USA, Spain and now in the UK