New Year! New Places!

Hello! If you are here and You never heard about me, Well I’m olmost 54 years old Graphic Designer, originally from Argentina.
since 1999 I’m Traveling, Living and working around the World!

Peru, USA, Spain, Greece are few of the countries I was working and living. But always I’m about new challenges and. The 2020 was not that good for everybody, We know that, But like I said. Chalanges are spomething familiar for me. We have 3 boys (26,24,23) also around the world, Australia, Greece and the UK.

This new 2021 my new challenge goes a bit to the North…From Spain to Greece…and now in a bit from Greece to Scotland!

In a way, Scotland is familiar to me. In Argentina I was rugby player until I got married. My family is from The North of Spain, «The Basque people» I love the Celtic culture and always was dreaming to go to Edinburgh to participate in the Military Tattoo. In 2020 after 75 years without stop was canceled because the covid 19.

Well I will go to work and live near to Dundee! an Area full of tradition and Innovation. Dundee in 2017 was named the Design’s City of UK by UNESCO.

This challenge it will be just a bit and few factors, But I’m very exited to and start doing what I love to do!

Museum of Design in Dundee
Gearrannan Blackhouse Village, Isle of Lewis, Scotland, UK
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