Hello to Everyone! It will be easy for you to find out…English is not my mother language.
But since a Long time ago I been living and travelling around the world!.
With my family, we were in Peru, USA and Spain. From 1999 until 2018… Many places a lot of experiences. To our kids were (I think) a great Experience and that time made them what they are today.
For me is a journey still on! Yes! I no need to tell you 2020 still a crazy year with ups and lots of downs. But it is what it is! I never will try to chance Weather or any facts of life, just get it and get the best I would do from it!
Since July 2020 we moved from Palma de Mallorca, Spain to Athens Greece; where one of the boys live and work.
You would not believe me if I said…just a few beaches and the Parthenon I saw from the distance! But yes. I found myself doing nothing and just «enjoying» a quest for the perfect movie on Netflix (hahaha)
In August I found an opportunity to move to Dundee, Scotland to join a business to keep working in the sign’s industry.
I did apply for my visa to the UK… and since I’m waiting here for my passport return.

I hope soon my passport will be here and keep going to new places to meet new people and make more experiences into my life and the life of the people around me!

I really have to stay in my son’s apartment…but nothing can stop my brain and hart to keep making ideas or dreams.

Working into the Graphic Design is not working at all for me. It is not just a living. I do like to make things with may hands… and that is what I miss the must.

Well I wish the best for you…and If you got this far I hope you will share some ideas or how you feel about this crazy 2020 witch is about to end soon!

God Bless you. Leo