I’m 53 Years Old Dynamic and Bilingual Graphic Designer with a passion to Express myself using my Knowledge and Skills.

Since 2001 I have been living and working in countries such as Argentina, the USA, and Spain and Greece.
I love cultures and people from all over the world!
All our family members are multilingual. and Multiculture!. Our sons are living and working in a very different part of the World. Australia, Greece and the UK. This 2020 We got the blessing of a grandchild born in Australia. 

Contact me «If» do you like what I do.

Graphic Designer 90%
Sign's Designer 85%
3D Designer 80%
Ilustrador 85%
Web Designer 75%
Craftman 80%

Graphic Design

Sign Design

3D Design


More About Me

Wrapping Mallorca – Palma de Mallorca, ES
February 2020 to May 2020
– Sign Maker
– Sign Fitter
– Installer

Viletras Signs & More – Conover, NC
August 2018 to March 2019
– Graphic Designer
– Sign Maker / Sign Fitter
– Car Wrapping
– Merchandising

Viletras – Sevilla, Spain
March 2009 to August 2018
• Graphic Designer Freelance
• Sign Designer
• Sign Maker


Viletras Signs and More – Conover, NC
August 2004 to July 2009
• Graphic Designer
• 3D Designer
• Miltimedia Designer
Graphic Designer / 3D Designer / Sign Designer / Publications Director

Tri-City Baptist Church – Conover, NC
June 2001 to July 2004
– Graphic Designer
– 3D Designer
– Miltimedia Designer
– Publication Director
– Graphic designer
– Sign Maker
– Printer

Viletras Publicidad – Buenos Aires
March 1991 to June 2001
Buenos Aires, Argentina
• Graphic Designer
• Multimedia Designer
• Printer

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